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All About Leo: Leo is a male Doberman of 17months.

Leo will need an experienced family to undergo his training and behavioural needs, as he has not left his home for over 15months and so has not been socialised with either people or other dogs.


Leo is however a loving, intelligent and sensitive dog who enjoys playing tug and fetch. Leo loves to have fun in his garden by chasing water from the hose as well as playing football and other retrieving games.


Due to Leo's poor socialisation, he will bark frequently at unfamiliar sounds and if left alone. Leo will bark at any strangers that enter the home.  At the moment, Leo cannot be left alone due to his constant barking, so he will need a new home where he is not left initially for any period of time.


Leo currently spends a lot of time within a crate. When out of his crate, he is very excitable and boisterous and jumps up, scratches and mouths although the management of ‘crate-time’ is slowly improving.


Leo can show signs of stress, frustration and anxiety but this does tend to improve if he is laying near the open backdoor or if he is in the back garden.


As Leo has received very little formal training and had limited experiences of life, it is of course unknown how he will respond to new stimulus, he does however seem more settled when outside in the back garden.

Leo's future needs are going to be great, but we are hoping that the right dedicated family will come along to help build his confidence and provide the training and socialisation that has thus far been sadly lacking.

Leo is in the COLCHESTER, Essex area.

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