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Patch & Hooch

All About Patch & Hooch: Patch & Hooch are a bonded pair of a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Mastiff cross Rottweiler of 10 & 4yrs.

Patch is a lovely dog and is very good on the lead and very obedient. Patch has always been around children since a puppy and he adores them, as he previous family fostered children and so he had to undergo a thorough assessment prior to fostering being permitted.  Patch is very loyal and he has a wonderful personality.


Hooch has lived with Patch since he was 4yrs old and they get on great together.  Hooch is also very good with children and likes to mother them and has also had a behaviour assessment due to his previous family's fostering.  

Hooch’s recall off the lead is very good apart when distracted with other dogs. Hooch has a wonderful personality and is truly a beautiful dog but is reactive to other dogs on his walks.  Hooch is also strong on the lead, so will need some training with this and help with his socialisation.

Although bonded, Patch & Hooch are looking for their homes either together or separately.

Patch & Hooch are in the WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants area.

Ad updated: 15.07.22.

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