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Teddy & Cassie

All about Teddy & Cassie: Teddy & Cassie are a male Cockapoo of 1.5yrs and a female Springer Spaniel of 3.5yrs.


TEDDY: Teddy is a lovely boy but has resource guarding issues, and so will need a new home where there are no children or visiting grandchildren.  The recourse guarding is not too bad and occurs just at meal times but this can be easily managed by him being crated.  Teddy can also guard his toys so this will need to be managed by his new family also.


Teddy is fine with other dogs on his walks and is currently living with other dogs, and loves a good play and we feel that he would benefit from living with another dog, so another playmate is essential.

Teddy will need a very specific home due to his resource guarding and preferably one with previous experience and knowledge of guarding traits.

CASSIE: Cassie is just the perfect dog, very friendly and and obedient, she always follows commands. Cassie is good with other dogs and currently living with others, with no issues.

Cassie travels well and loves humans.

True to the Springer Breed, Cassie can be very hyperactive and so will need a new family that can give her the right level of exercise and stimulation that she needs.

Teddy & Cassie are looking for a home together as they are the very best of friends and bonded.

Teddy & Cassie are currently in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 02.02.22, d.o.b. 14.08.20 (Teddy)

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