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All About Dudley: Dudley is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross of 2yrs.


Dudley is a gorgeous boy and, not only does he have good looks but he is a super smart and loving, he enjoys a cuddle and a lap to sit on.  Dudley is a real companion dog, and loves to go everywhere with his people, he travels well on trains, buses, and ferry’s.


Dudley is looking for a new home as he is not getting along with the other resident dog, but he is very sociable and happy to meet other dogs away from his home.   

What’s great about Dudley: 


•    Walks well on lead, and has good recall off-lead.

•    Very sociable with all humans

•    Loves to walk with and meet dogs outside the home

•    Very smart, he knows lots of tricks

•    Low prey drive and used to walking past livestock

•    Very energetic and enjoys long walks 

•    Toilet trained


What Dudley needs:


•  A pet free home, as he resource guards from other dogs, so careful managing around food and toys when meeting dogs outside is a must. 

•    No young children, having never been around children but could possibly have visiting children dependent on age and sensibility.

•    A family willing to feed him raw food/help find a food that works for Dudley as he has some digestion problems with food like chicken and beef.

•    Someone home alot, he’s only currently left for four hour periods at a time

Dudley is in the FARINGDON, Oxfordshire area, and yet to be assessed.

Ad updated: 23.04.22.

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