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All About Mocha: Mocha is a male Presa Canario cross American Bulldog of 13months.

Mocha is a good all round dog and has lived with children of 11yrs. 


Mocha is good with other dogs and just wants to play, being a young boy he can still be a little excitable initially


Mocha is Cat friendly and currently lives with two, he likes to play with one and leaves the other alone as he doesn’t want to play alone.


Due to Mocha's excitement when out on his walks, he can pull on the lead so will need further training here.  Mocha has reasonable recall but will only come back when he wants to if having a lot of fun like playing with his Huskey friends.


Mocha can be left without suffering separation anxiety.


Mocha is in the STEVENAGE, Herts area.

Ad updated: 23.03.2023.

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