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All About Hank: Hank  is a male Old Tyme Bulldog cross of 3yrs.

Hank is a lovely boy with a wonderful character and finds himself looking for a new home due the the death of his owner, which now leaves him in a situation here he is left for long periods, which he cannot manage without howling/crying.

Hank is a sensItive, strong, stubborn and boisterous dog.  Hank does not like loud sudden noises and will fret and cower at the sound of motorbikes, thunderstorms and fireworks.  

Hank is fine with other dogs he sees/meets on walks but has never lived with other dogs.


Hank is not cat friendly.


Hank is not suited to young children as he jumps up and is generally boisterous and is also very vocal towards strangers entering the home but soon calms down and is not aggressive.


Hank is very affectionate and loving and will seek out human contact for reassurance: he attempts to climb on your knee and sit beside you.

Hank is good on lead but easily distracted and does not have a solid recall off lead.


Hank travels well.


Hank is currently in the STALYBRIDGE, Cheshire area.

Ad updated: 20.09.21.

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