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All About Marco: Marco is a male Terrier of 5yrs.


Marco needs a loving and understanding home that will help him work through his anxieties.


Marco is lead reactive towards other dogs but when carefully introduced he walks well with them but if they get in his space he will growl or snap at them, Unfortunately, Marco can be anxious around other dogs within the house and will growl and snap if he feels threatened, so a dog free home would be ideal for him.  


Marco is anxious around young children and is quickly distressed when they approach him, leading to growling or snapping. Marco can also be unpredictable and snap at some adults and is particularly anxious/submissive around men.  Marco can flinch when being approached by unfamiliar people or touched in certain place or if spooked by certain movements. 


Despite Marco's difficulties, he has a lot of love to give and shows some real affection to his trusted humans, he is just a little confused and potentially has experienced some kind of trauma in his past.  Marco loves attention but struggles with anyone touching him for any length of time, he will have a couple of back rubs, belly scratches or strokes but then he growls, he hates being patted anywhere and will snap or flinch away.

Marco is very intelligent and knows lots of commands and loves puzzles and sniffing games, and takes commands very well, bed, sit, down, wait, come, heal and his new training one – look at me. 

When there are visitors to his home, Marco initially barks for about 30 seconds when people come through the gate, everyone visiting needs to completely ignore him while they are at the house, and this works well. 

Marco generally walks well on the lead unless he sees a small furry animal or a dog and then he pulls.   Marco cannot be off lead due to his high prey drive.

Marco can be left for up to four hours and has not shown destructive behaviours.


With the right environment, experience and a loving family Marco could overcome some of his anxieties and be an amazing companion.


From Marco's family:-


"Marco loves belly rubs and lower back scratches.

Recently he has started letting me scratch his ears and give him lots of kisses, he licks your nose (when he catches you unaware lol) and has started playing tug with a toy squirrel we have bought him.


He has also started doing zoomies and loves to play hide and seek – I hide behind the wall and say boo, he then does zoomies up and down the hallway – its very cute.


He appears to be afraid of the dark which is a bit odd bless him, he won’t come down stairs in the dark unless we come with him.


He always has a dental stick which he carries upstairs each night and eats before he settles down to sleep, he does wake in the night, has a stretch and a drink then goes back to sleep.


When he knows you are awake in the morning he will jump on the bed and force his way under the covers, if you move too much or stroke him after he has said good morning he gets annoyed and moves further and further down the bed  until he jumps out and gets back in his own bed.


He is getting better day after day as he is gaining trust in his Hoomans!


He does need more work but he is definitely worth the effort 😊"

Marco is in MOYSES BANK, Wisbech area.

Ad updated: 21.02.23.

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