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Introducing Bailey:  Bailey is a male Jack Russell Terrier of 8years.


Bailey has lived with dogs in the past and this really boosted his confidence but since being an only dog he is very nervous around new dogs and will try to hide or get away from them on walks. Bailey has never shown any aggression towards other dogs and it is felt though that he may blossom again in a home with a calm confident dog or two.

Bailey lives with cats now and gets on great with them but, like many cat friendly dogs, he will still chase any he sees when out and about.

Bailey is nervous around children since being subjected to cruelty by a child and would not be happy living with young children.

Bailey is currently left for long periods, with no issues but he would much prefer to spend more time with adult humans having cuddles.

Bailey is currently under assessment.

Bailey lives in Portslade, Sussex area.

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