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All About Bobby: Bobby is a male crossbreed (according to DNA test: Hound cross Dalmatian) of approx. 2.5yrs.

Bobby came to us from another Rescue and has been re-homed already but needed to be returned, so sadly he has seen some upheaval and inconsistency already in his short life.  A little bit about that home: Bobby is originally from Portugal and was adopted into an inexperienced home at 4 months and was very attached to the man in the home and other family members struggled to do anything with him, so it did not work out for him.

Bobby is a high energy dog who needs to have a good run every day: just a youngster  bursting with energy!  

Bobby is strong on the lead so will need further training in this respect.

Bobby is only a puppy and, as such, will need to learn some doggy manners and social doggy etiquette of course.   

It has been reported by his previous rescue that he likes his own way, so pack leadership in his new home is a must: "If he doesn't get it he will destroy something, bark or wee on something. He will destroy anything he can get hold of...he's had clothes, shoes, sandwich boxes , blankets he will rip to shreds and eat."

Bobby is always introduced very carefully on lead to new people, and he is more nervous around men than women, so more socialisation with people needed for this boy also.

Bobby has no history of being around young children and so is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years.

Bobby is in the NEWTOWN, Wales area.

Ad updated: 28.02.23.

Working with Angels for Animals

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