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All About Jasper: Jasper (black) is a Greyhound of 6yrs.

Jasper is currently in foster care and is doing very well.

As Jasper had never known home living, he has had to learn some housetraining but now does brilliantly, so long as he is let out straight after eating, and given a short walk before bed he has no accidents during the night.

Jasper is a quiet and calm boy but on a walk thats where Jasper comes into his own with confidence.   Jasper can unfortunately be dog reactive on walks, so he will need ongoing training and help with his socialisation.

Jasper has no history of living with children and so is looking for a home where any children are 13yrs plus.

Jasper is a wonderful friendly dog with a great temperament, he is so gentle, calm and loving and would make a wonderful addition to any family.

Note from a foster carer:

"Jasper is a sensitive soul, in the house he is gentle, quiet, relaxed and thoroughly enjoys sleeping! however, when he leaves the safety of his home, his stress levels can increase and he is reactive to other animals. Jasper has made great progress via the help of a dog behaviourist regarding his reaction to other dogs. The hints and tips given have been helpful and successful in gaining his attention  within the house and garden, but out and about he continues to react when seeing other dogs. therefore, he will need continued work with this. Jasper is very good at melting hearts with his beautiful eyes, and when he chatters his teeth with excitement you’ll be forgiven if you think you can hear a cat purring in the room."

Jasper is in the GLENROTHES, Fife area.

Ad updated: 21.01.23; Jasper d.o.b. 04.08.2016.

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