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All About Zuko: Zuko is a Isabella French Bulldog aged 2.5yrs, he was born in October 2021 and the only survivor from a litter of four hand reared pups.


When Zuko was just 2 months old his owners sought the advice of a behaviouralist trainer as he was very bitey, more so then the average puppy, however the trainer did more damage than good, to say the very least.


As Zuko has grown older, he has become a very anxious dog and this has led to some reactive behaviour.


Zuko lives with his mother, who attacked him twice when he was very young and since then, he has been confined to the kitchen, separated from his mum and another resident dog.


Zuko's owners believe that he is very noise sensitive and that this is where most of his reactiveness comes from: knocks at the door, shouting or their 21month old child playing. Zuko will charge and lunge if something frightens him and you are in the same room, however very rarely does this result in a bite, he has however nipped twice which was not enough to break the skin. After his outbursts, Zuko tends to go very quiet for a couple days and displays some remorse.


Zuko is said to be on steroids for life because of his issues with his ears and allergies which he has had since he was a puppy, so we would be recommending a change in his diet.


Zuko loves his walks but is scared of cars so he will lunge and go crazy trying to chase them if one drives past.


Zuko gets on great with any dogs he meets whilst out on walks, he quite often plays with his dad who lives locally: "there’s no aggression towards dogs, he has no food aggression or possessiveness when it comes to toys etc".


Zuko just needs the right environment to thrive in with the correct training, he has lots of potential to be a lovely dog.


Zuko is looking for a new home where there are no young children, as he will need a quieter home due to his noise sensitivity


Despite all of the above, Zuko can be very loving and enjoys a cuddle and we believe with the right family he will flourish and do well.

Zuko is in the WALLSEND, Tyne & Wear area.

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