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All About Reggie: Reggie is a male Collie type Cross breed, originally from Czechoslovakia of 2.5yrs.

Reggie has been with us for a number of weeks now and is doing very well with his training.  Reggie is a very clever and interesting boy, who is willing to please and obedient with the things that he has been taught so far.

Reggie is a slightly apprehensive and can become nervous and so he needs constant reassurance, so that he knows he is doing the right thing that is asked of him.


Reggie has an amazing character, but lacking in confidence, so needs time and patience.


Being a Collie type, Reggie is an active boy, and needs lots to keep him busy mentally, as well as lots of exercise.


Reggie can have a tendency to guard his human so we are looking for a new family without young children.


Reggie is OK with other dogs, but could become jealous of attention given to others.   Reggie is desperate to be loved, but does not take to over fussing, he backs away and becomes nervous, his trust will be given slowly.


Reggie has lovely endearing expressions and is generally a lovely boy, he just needs time and understanding and a new family to continue with his ongoing training.

Reggie is in the NEWTOWN, Wales area.

Ad updated: 28.02.23

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