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All About Lady: Lady is a female Spanish Mastiff cross of 4yrs. 


Lady is one of the sweetest dogs with a lot of love to give. Lady was originally rescued from Spain and adopted by an elderly man who passed away where Lady was left undiscovered for 4 days, which of course was a traumatic period for her and she is in need of a quiet, calm and loving home. Since then, Lady has been living with family members who love her dearly but cannot keep her since Lady does not get along with the cats. 


Lady has been good around a 10 year old but does not have experience with younger children.  Lady is very gentle but will need a home where her personal space is understood and respected. 


Lady is good with being left alone without being destructive for up to 5 hours. Lady enjoys sleeping, chewing a bone and relaxing.  One of Lady’s favourite things is sunbathing and exploring the garden, as well as lying on and under the trampoline. When standing on her hind legs, Lady can nearly reach 5ft so her new home must have secure fencing. Lady is one of the greatest eaters and is food motivated so she is not fussy when it comes to food.


Lady knows basic commands but is very intelligent and can pick up things quickly, so far she knows: sit, paw, down, fist bump, wait and jump. Lady is also good with baths and having feet dried after walks. 


Lady is such an affectionate dog that she will need a home who will love her unconditionally. Lady loves belly rubs, back scratches and will most definitely paw for more. Lady enjoys cuddles on the sofa and also enjoys time alone in her dog bed, she has a very calm nature about her which really makes your home feel complete. 


Lady’s current home has 2 cats and a dog who Lady isn’t getting on with; she has shown guarding behaviours towards the dog when near her owners. Lady is prey driven so she is not getting along with the cats either and so must be the only pet in her new home. 


Lady is a great walker on the lead but is reactive to small furries especially: rabbits, squirrels and cats. Lady is a strong dog at times and will need someone who is a confident handler. When Lady sometimes spots another dog, a person, or furries she can lock focus which will result in her pulling or barking out of fear, her new owners need to be aware of their surroundings and walk Lady in quiet areas as she can become overwhelmed. Lady’s favourite place to walk is the beach and she loves launching herself in the water. Lady cannot be let off the lead as on walks she does not have good recall.


Lady has bonded with her owner and will display jealous behaviour when they show attention to other dogs and new people. Lady’s new family needs to gradually introduce new people to her outside of the home as she displays guarding behaviours in her home and garden. Lady is not confident around unknown people so she will need time to settle into her hopefully forever home. 


Lady has so many lovely qualities it would be impossible to list them all, but she does enjoy being part of a family and ideally her forever home would not have younger children but multiple people who she can bond with.  

Lady  is in the LATCHINGDON, Essex area.

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