All About Lady: Lady is a female Spanish Mastiff cross of nearly 3yrs. 


Lady is a wonderful loving and sweet dog who is intelligent and has many lovely qualities.  Originally rescued from Spain, Lady was adopted by an elderly man who sadly passed away last November and Lady was left in the house for four days, undiscovered which was traumatic for her.  Since this time, Lady has been living with family members and shown she is an affectionate and loyal dog who enjoys being part of a family.

Lady is fine around a 10yr old  but has no history of being around toddlers.

Lady's family already have two cats and another dog and she does not get on with the dog and has shown guarding behaviour towards him.  Lady is also not getting along with the cats, so will need to be the only pet in her new home.

Lady can be left alone for up to 4-5 hours and is not destructive - she just likes to relax, sleep or chew her bone.


Lady enjoys sunbathing and exploring in the garden and is looking for a new home with secure fencing.

Lady is very affectionate and loves belly rubs and back scratches the most and will paw for more and loves a cuddle on the sofa or in her dog bed, she has a very calm and kind nature.

Lady is a great eater and not fussy and is food motivated and she loves her treats.

Lady knows basic commands, such as Sit, Paw, Wait, Down and is very good about having a bath and having her feet dried after a walk.

Lady walks very well on a lead and is generally not bothered by other dogs; though sometimes she may bark at dogs across the road. Lady is a strong dog and would need somebody who is a confident handler. On occasion, Lady has been let off the lead but only in remote places as her recall is less effective when out.

Occasionally she will bark at a random dog or person, usually a man. Lady has bonded with her owner and can display jealous behaviour when they show attention to other dogs and new people. Lady's new family will need to be cautious when she meets new dogs and people but once she is comfortable with dog friends, she enjoys a pack walk. Lady is not very confident around unknown people and will need time to get to know her new family. 

Lady needs a loving, patient, quieter home with a family that will give her plenty of exercise, train her and show her lots of love and affection.

Lady  is in LATCHINGDON, Essex area.

Ad updated: 31.03.22.