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All About Billy-Bob: Billy-Bob is a male Dachshund of 2yrs.


Billy-Bob is a wonderful dog and has a great character and an absolute cuddle-bum once he gets to know you.

Billy-Bob is currently living with two other dogs and is happy in their company and meets other dogs well on his daily walks and just wants to say hello to each and every one.  Billy-Bob has shown some caution around a few older men when out on his walks.   Billy-Bob is looking for a new home with outside space as he seems to prefer toileting in the garden rather than when out on walks. The first thing his foster carer does is to let him out into the garden when returning from a walk, and then he's happy!

Once settled in his environment he will find his voice and likes to make his presence known. 


Billy-Bob walks well on the lead and has really good recall - he will walk for miles!!.


Billy-Bob has shown no food aggression and happily shares meal times with the other two resident dogs.  Billy-Bob loves his chewing bone and will happily play tug with it.


Billy-Bob is good around cats: again he just wants to say hello and play, and he is good around children.


Billy-Bob is in the BARNSLEY, South Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 01.12.22.

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