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Introducing Cookie: Cookie is a female American Bulldog of 2years.  

Cookie is a lovely attention seeking little girl, who loves nothing more than a cuddle and to give you kisses, Cookie is just happy to be with you. 

Cookie is strong on the lead so will need a little training in this respect, and perhaps with the proper exercise regime, this will be easily corrected.

Cookie was re-homed previously by her owner, but was taken back in, after it was found that she had fallen into the wrong hands, so unfortunately there are signs from her legs, and marks left, that her legs had been tied up.  Cookie also started to cower her head when stroked.

Cookie is now looking for her new home where she will be loved and spoilt and learn to fully trust again.


Cookie has grown up with a cat in the house, and the cat will often scratch Cookie's face, but Cookie just thinks she is playing and goes back to try and be friends again, bless her.


Cookie is very intelligent and would blossom in at the right home, and make a wonderful companion as she likes to be by your side all the time if she could!

Cookie will need a home where the children are older, as Cookie can be boisterous and could knock small children over as she doesn't seem aware of her size!


Cookie is in the Basildon, Essex area.

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