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Ethel & Angel

Introducing Ethel and Angel: Ethel is a Dogue De Bordeaux of nearly 5years and Angel is a Cane Corso of nearly 4years.


Ethel is a lovely girl and takes time to get to know you but once she does she will be your friend for life.


Ethel is an extremely loyal dog, very intelligent and eager to please, very soppy and submissive when handled correctly.


Ethel is not fussed about dogs she doesn’t know, she plays with the two dogs that she currently lives with but she will not stray off in a park to approach an unknown dog which is useful!


Angel, very loyal, incredibly sweet dog, will sit on your lap if you sit on the floor (zero concept of his whopping size) and just wants to be near you, will follow you around. Angel was always extremely submissive with dogs and great with everyone (despite his size often scaring people initially) however he has been attacked multiple times by dogs of various sizes, and now he is reactive due to fear.

Ethel and Angel are currently under assessment.


Ethel and Angel are in the Basildon, Reading area.

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