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Frank & Libby

All About Frank & Libby: Frank & Libby are male and female Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 8yrs.


FRANK: Frank is still full of energy and full of life, he does not know his own size or strength though but he is a big softie, who loves people, children and other dogs: a little more assertive when there is a bigger dog or one of a similar size to him.


Frank is good on the lead but likes to pretend he is deaf at times when you want him to do something.

Frank is a little more aloof than Libby but will show love and affection to his humans but will take himself off to bed when he has had enough.

Frank likes to chase cats out of his garden.


LIBBY: Libby had a rough start in life and was beaten and so can be very wary of people but when she knows you and is comfortable with you she is the most loving dog you will meet, always wanting love and affection she gives proper cuddles and will sit with you stroking her for hours.  Libby will warn you if you are not yet her friend and she feels her space has been invaded,  she just needs time as she has been through a lot and has trust issues.

Libby also likes to chase cats or whatever else has the cheek to enter her garden.  ​ Libby loves chasing sticks but not always keen to give them back though and also loves swimming, a lot.

Libby has good recall and is only ever let off  lead when there are no other dogs.  Libby has been walked with other dogs and showed no aggression but this needs to be a gradual thing also, just to build her confidence with strange dogs.

Frank & Libby are looking for a new with no young children as they have no history of being around them, so children of 12yrs plus.  Frank & Libby are looking for a home together as they love each other and have never been apart.

Frank & Libby are in the HALIFAX, West Yorkshire area.


Ad updated: 28.08.22.

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