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Introducing Freddie: Freddie is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 8/9years.

Freddie is a wonderful boy: very loving and just adores his cuddles and learning new tricks. Freddie knows all his basic commands (he will even wipe his feet when he comes in!!)

Freddie has the most fantastic temperament with children of all ages and children just adore him also, he is such a lovely boy.


Freddie loves his walks and he is brilliant on the lead but he can be a little scared of other dogs, so further socialisation is needed in this respect.

Freddie is looking for a new home, where he is not left for long periods, as he has previously suffered with separation anxiety and was very destructive when left.  Although Freddie is much better now as behaviourist advice was sought, we believe that he would like his new family to be with him as much as possible.


Freddie is prone to eczema on his chin/mouth, which just needs bathing twice daily after food.

Freddie needs a new home where he receives regular exercise and stimulation which, in turn, will help with his little anxieties.

Freddie  is in Robinhood near Wakefield area.


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