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All About Sherlock: Sherlock is a male American Bulldog of  6yrs.

Sherlock has previously lived with four other dogs and got on well with all of them but one, who disliked Sherlock and would often attack him. Sherlock never retaliated but can occasionally show low level aggression to dogs on walks if they are in his face, but he generally ignores them.


Sherlock walks very well on a lead and is in good health and has also lived with older children. However, Sherlock is easily spooked by sudden noise or movement and will cower, so a quieter home would be great for him.

Sherlock can be left with no separation anxiety or destruction, however he is an anxious dog who will need a confident owner to help him gain confidence when out and about.  When Sherlock feels calm and confident, he walks beautifully with no reactions.

Sherlock is a very affectionate dog and his foster carer believes that he is an anxious reactor and not aggressive.  Sherlock will fourish with a mature family that will build his confidence and be a fabulous addition to his new family.


Sherlock is an anxious traveller and will pant and fret but isn’t sick and is easily worried by any change in his day to day routine.


Sherlock is in ASTLEY, Manchester area.


Ad updated: 16.12.21.

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