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All About Ralph: Ralph is a male Cockapoo of nearly 6yrs.


Ralph is a very loving and sensitive dog with bags of personality and he can be very cheeky, he is easily excitable but also similarly nervous.


Ralph loves his walks, sniffing everything possible and getting muddy - if he finds a bog he gets in it. When walking he is kept on a long lead as his recall is not great and he will chase animals or he will try and be dominant with other dogs especially if they are bigger than him. Ralph does do a bit of loose lead walking but this needs work, he can pull and is quite a strong dog.


Ralph's favourite possessions are footwear, he’ll never destroy them, he just likes to have them near.


Ralph needs a family with previous dog experience and patience.  Ralph has a bite history so his new home will need to be one where any children are of teenage years.

Ralph has typical cockapoo traits, resource guarding and so his new family will need to be able to manage this and work with him.


Ralph hates cats and so he is looking for a new home where there are none.

Ralph takes time to trust but once this has been gained, he will want cuddles and belly strokes, in abundance!


Ralph is in the LEEDS area.

Ad updated: 18.05.23, d.o.b. 04.10.17

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