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All About Grace: Grace is a female American Bulldog of 4yrs

Grace had a terrible start in life and had to be hand reared along with 11 of her siblings. As a result of missing out as a puppy, Grace can be quite a nervous and anxious dog.  Due to Grace's nervous nature she is looking for a new home with no young children.


Grace is an intelligent, empathetic and affectionate dog, who loves to be with her humans all of the time and to be involved in what they are doing. Grace loves a cuddle and especially likes to be kissed numerous times and incredibly grateful for belly tickles, she is such a cute and entertaining dog who will just melt for her belly tickles.  Grace will paw at you or be vocal if she wants some attention, or to go out for a wee or let you know its bed time.


Grace currently lives with Rupert and she loves snuggling and playing with him, but due to her dominant and jealous character, there have been fights between them, so she may need to be the only dog in her new home. 


Grace can be wary of strangers, so will need time and patience to warm to new people, but soon comes round and wants to be fussed. Grace has never displayed aggression to people but her family are careful not to let strangers invade her space too much.   Grace has become better at dealing with new situations as she has matured however this has been a slow progress and her new family will need to continue with her gentle exposure to new people and experiences.

Grace especially likes the company of men, soft treats over biscuits and watching animals on the TV and being generally nosey out the window. Grace is a good guard dog vocally but will send Rupert in if something strange shows up.

As can be seen from the photos, Grace is very loving and affectionate, however she enjoys her fuss and cuddles on her terms and does not like to be smothered.


Grace has a weak bladder which gets exacerbated with nervousness and sleeping heavily and takes medication which is Incurin x1 a day which has really helped and no longer has accidents. 


Grace loves getting brushed and enjoys her baths, she loves water and will play out in the rain and in puddles. Grace loves the beach and likes to have a splash in the water with you and basically have a water fight.


Grace is a great traveller and loves being out in the car.

Even though Grace has her issues they certainly do not overshadow her good qualities, and is looking for a new home that can help with her nervousness so she can grow in confidence and become a much happier and well balanced dog.

Grace is in the NESTON, Merseyside area.

Ad updated: 28.08.23.

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