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All About Thor: Thor is a male Shar Pei of 7yrs.


Thor is a pretty relaxed but can be a timid dog.  Thor loves to play with his teddy's when he is excited, but not interested in balls.


Thor loves a good treat and will sit, give paws and lie down if he knows he is getting one.  Thor just loves to sleep most of the day, so can be left alone for a few hours without destruction or separation anxiety. 


Thor can be pretty anxious meeting new people and needs time to get to know anyone.  


Thor likes to go on a good walk but will pull for most of the time until he becomes tired, so further training needed in this respect.


Thor gets on well with most dogs and other pets such as birds but he has no history of being around cats but he is fine with them outside on walks etc.


Thor is good with children but does like his own space and to be left alone so he is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years.

Thor is in the KNOWSLEY, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 26.11.22.


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