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All about Solly: Solly is a male French Bulldog of 4yrs.

Solly is a very loving dog and loves being on your lap having cuddles, belly rubs and snuggles.


Solly loves to go for a walk but he can get very excited when he sees other dogs. 


Solly is a very protective dog and can easily gets obsessed with things/objects and, because of his excitement, this can turn into anxiety.


Solly is looking for a quieter home as he cannot cope with an active/busy environment or with lots of people in his home as he gets overexcited and overwhelmed which leads to him nipping and potential aggression. 


Due to Solly's anxieties he is looking for a new home without children (as although he loves them he can get overprotective of them).


Solly has no history of being around cats. 


Solly currently lives with another female dog and they are best friends,  but he does get too excited if he meets other dogs and can be too much for them, although with training and time this could improve.

Solly suffers from Alopecia and has the outbreaks when he is particularly stressed so will need treatment with a special shampoo and ointment.

Solly is in the CANTERBURY, Kent area.

Ad updated: 27.11.22.

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