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All About Ella: Ella is a female KC Reg. Dobermann of 18 months.


Through no fault of her own, Ella has had several homes in her short life, however, she hasn't seen much of the world, so will need lots of reassurance and encouragement to help build up her confidence.


Ella is an extremely loving and affectionate girl and just loves human contact and interaction.

With the right introductions, Ella could live with another dog, preferably one of similar size and energy levels, and this may be just what she needs.


Care would need to be taken when feeding as she is a bit of a foodie, especially around any other dogs and is currently on a diet.


Ella is good with children, however older children would be best, as she can be quite bouncy.


Ella is unknown with cats.


Although preferring to be with her humans, Ella can be left for a few hours without issue.


Ella is a very sweet girl, who is extremely loving and eager to please. and given time, kindness and training, she will make the most wonderful companion.

Ella is in the EARBY Barnoldswick area.

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