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All about Vinny: Vinny is a male Labrador cross of approx 6.5yrs.

Around the Home Vinny is very good and is well behaved but he can suffer with Separation Anxiety, and so he is looking for a new home where he is not left for long periods, however he is crate trained.

Vinny is currently living with young children but is looking for a new home where any children are of teenage years.  Vinny just adores people and craves contact and enjoys a good fuss.

Vinny can be protective of his owner, so he will need an experienced and confident new family.

Vinny can be strong on the lead and can be reactive to other dogs so he is looking for a new home where his family are able to work on his socialisation  skills, although he is generally good with female dogs and currently lives with one.

As mentioned previously, Vinny loves human contact but was previously  in kennels where he was described as a lovely boy and "they have been spoilt by him" as he was one of their best and much loved dogs.

Vinny is currently in the BRANSHOLME, Hull area.

Ad updated: 31.12.23, d.o.b. 06.05.17

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