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All About Buddy: Buddy is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross of 4.5yrs.

Buddy is a very loving dog and very clever too: he likes to watch Police programmes and the wonderful world of pets. When watching TV he will sit comfortably listening to every word, moving his head from side to side.

Buddy loves to be outdoors and will play with a ball for hours with you. Buddy Loves the beach and to run free but he can be reactive to other dogs so he is only off lead when there are no others around. 


Although Buddy is currently living with another dog, we feel he needs a new home as a sole dog, as he can get quite jealous.  Buddy is nervous of other dogs due to being attacked while he was on the lead.  This traumatised Buddy and he now feels threatened if another dog goes near him.


Buddy allows his nails to be cut and loves a bath but he is nervous of the hairdryer.


Buddy has never been around young children and so he is looking for a new home where the children are of older teenage years.


Buddy has not been fully socialised with people and can be nervous and fearful with visitors to his home, so Buddy is looking for a new home where his family are experienced and patient and have the time to show him that humans are not so bad, well some of them anyway!  Buddy really does need his confidence building as he has never been physically touched by any humans other than his four family members, so he is very nervous and will growl and pull away when someone new comes near to him.  Buddy loves going out on adventures in the car, but would be just as happy sitting with his humans, being talked to and cuddled.


Buddy can be left happily in his crate while he is left on his out but will need all his toys filled with treats/bones to keep him occupied and some music left on.


Buddy is a loyal dog who loves his family and likes lots of cuddles and attention. Buddy loves his food and will eat anything and particularly lives his Kong filled with treats.  


Buddy will, as mentioned, take time and patience to bring him out of his shell but he will be a fantastic member of the family and bring much joy once he his confidence has improved.

Buddy is in the LOUGHBOROUGH, Leicester area.

Ad updated: 28.02.23, d.o.b. 16.08.18

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