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Sasha & Lexi

All About Sasha and Lexi: Sasha and Lexi are female Staffordshire Bull Terrier sisters of 9yrs.


Sasha and Lexi are the most laid back dogs and they enjoy nothing more than a good fuss and chilling out with their family.


Sasha and Lexi are brilliant, gentle, soft and happy dogs, and will welcome anybody into the house that is welcomed and always ready to show that Staffie smile!.

Sasha and Lexi currently live with young children and are fantastic around them and very gentle.

Sasha and Lexi have lived with a cat and so could live with another cat in their new home, with the right intros.


Sasha and Lexi are great on their walks and they love to be out and about. Lexi is a bit more boisterous and eager to run and pull where as Sasha is quite laid back and lazy.


Sasha and Lexi are inseparable and they have to be touching all the time and love to run and chase each other around the garden or in a field. They love to have a good game of tug of war with ropes or to rip a ball to shreds.

Sasha and Lexi are in the MARCHWIEL, Wrexham area.

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