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All About Billy: Billy is a male American Bull Dog cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier of nearly 5.5years.


Billy is a lovely boy and is very chilled out and likes nothing more than to lie in the sun for hours on end.

Billy is a very happy dog and loves attention and enjoys spending time with the children in his home but also likes to have a ‘safe space’ for when things just get a little too much for him. Billy is looking for a new home where the children are of older teenage years.

Billy is terrified of water.

Billy can be very boisterous especially with other dogs and cats and so is looking for a new home where he is the only dog.

Billy pulls on lead so will need further training in this respect.

Billy is in the STOKE-on- TRENT area.

Ad updated: 29.08.23, d.o.b. 26.02.18.

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