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Introducing Alfie:  Alfie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 8years.

Alfie is good with dogs, if not a little too playful at times, and can also be a little shy with boisterous dogs after being attacked a couple of times, but neither time Alfie retaliated and he has no aggression issues.


Alfie shows no interest in cats and is actually scared of them, so would choose to run away if approached rather than chase them.


Alfie adores children and lives with a 3 year old now who his owner admits is rather full on with Alfie, but not only does he never complain but he goes back for more and loves to play with her.


Alfie walks well on and off lead, until he spots another dog and wants to go and play.


Alfie is looking for a new home as he is currently being left for over 10 hours a day due to a change in the owners' work hours and although he copes he does sometimes show signs of boredom and damaged his bed recently, which is to be expected.


Alfie is in the Hinckley, Leicestershire area.


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