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All About Barney: Barney is a male Bearded Collie cross of 7yrs.

Barney is a very loving boy and will sit on your lap happily for hours.  


Barney currently lives with five children, the youngest being 3yrs, but we feel that he would be happier with a new family with no children or older children of 10yrs plus but certainly where the children are calmer, as Barney can be quite anxious when people shout around him and will make a hasty retreat to his cage and stay there.

Barney likes to catch a ball for hours and ignore everything else around him (and that’s what his walks consist of). 


Barney will need a secure garden of 6ft fencing as he has a habit of escaping.


Barney pulls slightly on the lead through excitement as he loves walks and the ball.


Barney currently lives with two dogs, but is a little fearful of them and also a cat.

Barney is in the Preston, Lancashire area.

Ad updated: 03.07.19

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