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Introducing Bella:  Bella is a Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Presa cross, of 9months.


Bella is a lovely girl, well socialised with other dogs and is used to children coming to her home.  Bella is house trained and likes being around people.


Bella enjoys long walks and a bit of rough and tumble, with her humans throwing a toy for her, she enjoys chomping on big bones and is very food orientated so will sit nice for a treat. 


Bella needs to be on a lead near sheep and chickens or she will chase them wanting to play but she is frightened of cows.

Bella can be a bit clumsy and so she is looking for a new home with older, teenage children.

Bella is alright to be left for a few hours at a time if she has been for a nice walk beforehand and will just have a nap but will also shred any paper or cardboard left in her reach.

Bella is in the Todmorden, Lancs area.

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