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All About Charlie: Charlie is a Beagle cross of 2yrs.

Charlie is good with dogs after an initial wariness, but does make friends if they are friendly.


Charlie is not used to cats and prefers older dog savvy children.


Charlie will food guard and also does not like his back legs being touched or his claws clipped. Charlie likes to suck on his comfort cushion whilst lying over his current family) but does not like his head touched while he does this. Charlie was originally from a puppy farm which may explain his issues.


Charlie can be spooked by sudden sounds or movements whilst on walks, but will go to his owner for reassurance. Charlie even jumps at his own shadow.


Charlie pulls on lead and has no recall off lead but is fine left for several hours home alone.

Charlie is currently being assessed.

Charlie is in the Yeovil, Somerset area.

Ad updated: 18.10.19

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