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Introducing Duke: Duke is a male Yorkie Terrier of 7years.

Duke is a very active, playful, loving little boy who loves to play fetch with his Kong, loves to run in the park, go for long walks and cuddle.  Duke is a very clever and emotionally sensitive.  Duke has allergies to chicken, beef, pork, lamb and grains but can eat single protein sources such as duck, wild boar, sweet potato, potato and blueberries. It is absolutely vital that Duke does not eat any human food as it has a detrimental effect on his digestive system.


Duke is looking for a new home with a loving family with a garden, with someone around to give him cuddles during the day.


Good with other dogs Generally, but not puppies or overzealous dogs.


Duke is good with young children having been around children of 5 and 7years.

Duke is currently under assessment.

Duke  is in the South London area.

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