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All about Freddie: Freddie is a male Labrador of 2.5yrs.

Freddie has had a troubled past, where he was starved and beaten and this has led him to have resource guarding issues.

Apart from Freddie's resource guarding, he is a gorgeous boy, very affectionate and loves cuddles, but he will need a new home where boundaries are firmly set.

Freddie has lived with another dog but, due to his resource guarding, which in the past can be with toys and food, he is looking for either a new home where his family have good experience of dealing with the issue or potentially where he is the only dog.

Freddie has lived with a cat in his previous home.

Freddie is currently in kennels where his resource guarding is being worked on and where no issues are currently being displayed,  

Freddie is the Scunthorpe area.

Ad updated: 20.07.19.

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