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Introducing Harley:  Harley is a male Lurcher of 5years.


Harley has never been socialised with other dogs so although he walks well on lead, he will pull towards other dogs and due to his size this tends to put other owners off from allowing them to meet. On the odd occasions when he has got close to other dogs they have tended to react badly to him, which is unsurprising as he simply has no doggie manners and is very 'in their face'.


Harley has a high prey drive and off lead would chase any small animal or bird and is not suitable to live with cats. Apart from this, Harley is calm and loving in the home and loves a sofa snooze as much as the next sighthound.


Harley has no issues when left home alone.


Harley is currently under assessment.

Harley is currently in the Northamptonshire/Oxfordshire border area. 


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