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All About Harley: Harley is a male Cockapoo of 3yrs.

Harley can be a shy and sometimes nervous dog and he takes time to warm to new people but with the right humans he will be a fantastic addition to any family.  Harley is a very intelligent dog and eager to learn and loves training for treats.!

Harley loves to be close to people he trusts and will follow you around, he sleeps a lot and loves bedtime in his crate.

Harley currently lives with other dogs and can go on to live with other dogs, may be of the same age or older than himself and where his energy levels can be matched.


Due to multiple bite instances, Harley is looking for a new home without young children and where his family understand that besides the training, Harley likes to have fun and that playtime is an important role in any dog's life and also that he will need his time out space also and there will be days that he will wish to be left alone and not over-fussed.

Harley is in the KINGSTON -upon- THAMES, Surrey area.

Ad updated: 07.06.23.

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