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Harley & Sky

All about Harley & Sky: Harley & Sky are male and female German Shepherds, who are looking for their new home together.

Harley is the sable coloured dog is 7years.

Sky is the darker coloured dog is 9years.

Both Harley & Sky are great around children, as they are currently living with two, and have been around babies and older children all their lives.

Both Harley & Sky currently live with cats, but get very excited around them so they are kept separate.

Harley is not great with other dogs as he was attacked as a pup, but with the current owners training, he is doing much better, also neutering will hopefully improve on his reactivity, which will be completed following the assessment. Sky is fine around other dogs so gets let off the lead on her walks as she likes to run around a lot.

Temperament wise - Harley is very affectionate likes to be around people and get fussed a lot. Sky is more independent but still likes to be fussed.

Harley & Sky are both in the Bradford area.

Ad updated: 17.06.19.

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