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All About Jesse: Jesse is a male Border Collie of 5years.


Jesse is a sweet and loving boy to those that he knows and gets so excited when his humans friends come visit.  

Jesse does, however, have nervous aggression and is wary around strangers, but this has improved greatly, as his current family ask people on the walks to give him food as he is a fast learner when it comes to treats!


When strangers come to his home they are asked to ignore him on the first couple of occasions other than to give him chicken and within a couple of visits he is their best friend.

Jesse does not like other animals but by introduction over time his current family have managed to get him to walk with smaller dogs  but also a chocolate Lab.

Jesse is not good around children or loud noises so will need to go to a quieter home where there are no young children.

Jesse has no separation anxiety and is currently left for 8hrs.

Jesse's family have done a great job helping him over his issues but with a baby due very soon, feel it would be very unfair on Jesse and could set him back.

Jesse is currently being assesed.

Jesse is in the Kegworth, Derby area.

Ad updated: 12.07.19

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