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Introducing Lola: Lola is a female Jack Russell Terrier cross of 7years.

Lola is a lovely girl, and has previously lived with cats, but will chase if the cat runs away, so important that any any cat stands his ground.


Lola can be nervous of other dogs and will bark at them if they approach her when out walking.  Other than that, Lola loves people including children and has always been surrounded by lots of people and she would thrive in a new home where she is not left for long periods.

Lola walks very happily on the lead and is always as excited to go out and will pull a little at first but she is so very tiny that it really isn't a problem, even when the little grandchildren are holding her.

Lola's recall isn't brilliant, if she is distracted by a cat or a squirrel but, in the main, she does have reasonable recall and would never just run off.


Lola loves to go out travelling in the car and is an excellent traveller.


More information to follow.

Lola is in the Milton Keynes area


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