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Misty, Salem & Phedra 

All About Misty, Salem & Phedra: The cats are a bonded family of indoor cats, two females and one male all of 6.5yrs.

Misty: (The smaller grey cat) is a female and is the most playful of the group and loves lots of fuss from her humans.  Misty has a great temperament and a total joy to have around.

Salem: (The Larger grey cat) is the male of the group and gets on really well with his sisters and loves them dearly.  Salem can appear to be a little nervous initially, but will settle down once he gets to know you.  Salem can be playful with his humans if the mood takes him but is always playing with his sisters.

Phedra: (The Black cat) is female and the quietest of the three and can be a bit standoff-ish, as she is more independent, and will give a little hiss now and again, but does not mean anything by it.  Phedra loves to play with the other two and just takes a little more time to come around.


As mentioned, all three are indoor cats and litter trained and must find their new home together as they are very close and bonded, and all three are comfortable living with dogs.

Misty, Salem & Pheddra are in the MILTON KEYNES area.

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