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Nanuke & Asha

Introducing Nanuke & Asha:  Nanuke and Asha are a bonded pair of Husky/Malamute (Nanuke) and Asha pure Husky of 5years.

Nanuke and Asha are both child and dog friendly but not good with cats.  Nanuke and Asha currently live with 3 children now aged 12, 11 and 18 months with no issues.


Nanuke and Asha both love their walks and walk well on lead, but off lead is limited to secure areas due to not having 100% recall.


Asha is quite the escape artist so good home and garden security is paramount.  Both Nanuke and Asha are both well trained and have good manners around food, they are also fine when left home alone and are a very friendly, happy pair.


Asha is quite vocal and will howl to join in when the family are laughing or if she needs to go out to toilet. It would be a real shame to separate them as they have been together since they were 1years and pine for each other when not together.

Nanuke and Asha are in the Stoke-sub- Hamdon, Somerset area.

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