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Shadow & Bailey

Introducing Shadow & Bailey: Shadow and Bailey are Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 5years and 3years respectfully.

Shadow was rescue by his current owner about 4 years ago from a home where he was being used as a bait dog. Shadow is a lovely dog and does not have a nasty bone in his body, he is a loving and loyal dog who has had a very tough life.


Bailey suffered a fall in a local park at 4 months old, which left her with multiple surgeries on her back leg, which she had to have amputated a few months ago due to constant pain and discomfort.  Bailey is now a happy lady again and doing very well.

Shadow and Bailey currently live with a young child of 6years

Shadow and Bailey are much loved beautiful Staffies and can't cope without each other, S
hadow suffers from separation anxiety and so has a purpose built cage as his safe place which will be re-homed with him.

Shadow and Bailey are in the Petersfield, Hampshire area.

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