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All About Sherlock:  Sherlock, male JRT, of 1yr.

Sherlock is a lovely natured male boy and very submissive. 

Sherlock is good with children, he currently lives with a 4 and 9 year old.  

Sherlock is looking for a new home where he is not left alone for long periods as he has separation anxiety. Sherlock anxiety is such that he will be destructive when left.

Sherlock would really benefit from a home that is calm and where there is someone home most of the time and where he can have his family's full attention. 


Sherlock is unsure of older men but he comes round with time and patience. 

Sherlock is excellent with other dogs, though he wants to go over to say hi to every dog he meets. Sherlock's favourite game is football and he loves the odd ball.

Sherlock is in the Preston area.


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