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Introducing Ziggy: Ziggy is a male Lurcher of 19months.


Ziggy is very dog friendly, if a little OTT with them as He likes to play rough but if told off (even by a Chihuahua) he will back off.  Ziggy is not cat friendly.

Ziggy is very high energy and loves to run alongside his owner's bike, but after a 20 minute rest is ready to go again.  Ziggy would love to live with another dog who also likes endless playtime as he gets bored easily. Ziggy walks well on lead and is pretty good off lead, unless distracted by other dogs who he will make a beeline for to play.

Ziggy has no SA as such, but can chew soft furnishings if bored so would be better not left for long periods, or rehomed with another dog. Ziggy travels well and is fully housetrained.

Ziggy has a problem with any food he has 'found', and will guard in these situations but does not food guard his normal food or treats that he's been given though. If he is able to bin raid he will and will guard his finds. This issue needs understanding and management and although he lives with 12 and 16 year old children and, is very much child friendly, this behaviour makes him unsuitable to live with young children. Ziggy will mouth and nip at his owner when he is bored and wants to play, so again this makes him unsuitable to live with young children.


Ziggy needs an adult only active home, where his desire to play and run can be satisfied and his 'found food' guarding can be managed. Ziggy is a loving boy who is full of mischief and in the right home, with further training will be a delight.

Ziggy is in Basildon, Essex area.

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