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Introducing Aasia:  Aasia is a female Lhasa Apso of 7years.


Aasia is looking for a new home without other dogs or children, as she can be a little snappy with some dogs, mainly if she feels threatened but is fine with some dogs.


Asia has been brought up with young children but, as she can be snappy over food, she would be better in a home with older children only. 

Aasia loves cats, walks well on and off lead and is a happy traveller. Aasia would be best suited in a home with someone at home most of the day as she can become anxious when left.

Aasia will sleep ok downstairs, but prefers to be on bed or couch.


Aasia loves beach and woodland walks and needs lots of attention, she is a smart dog and likes to get her own way so she needs somebody who is able to take time to train her and to be pack leader.

Aasia is in the Lowestoft area.

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