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Introducing Alfie: Alfie is a male Jack Russell Terrier of 9years.

Alfie is looking for a new home without young children, as he has lived with one who have been antagonising him and so he is now a little snappy.

Alfie is good with other dogs once he has sniffed them within an inch of there lives! and despite Alfie having co-habitated with cats previously he will chase any cat that is new to him, Alfie used to live with a Bengal who he had learnt to stay well clear of.

Alfie walks well on a lead but does pull slightly at the start.  Alfie would be best to be kept on the lead as he will chase cats and has no road sense.

Alfie is generally fine when left alone but like any dog, prefers company.  Alfie loves to travel in the care.

Alfie lives in the South Wigston, Leicester area.

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