Barney & Charlie

All about Barney and Charlie: Barney is a Beagle, Fox-Hound Cross of 7years and Charlie is a Labrador of 6years.

Barney is obviously a very handsome young man with a lot of energy who loves to be outside chasing any scent he can find. Barney is often stubborn: he is a bit of an evil genius always finding ways to tease his little brother and likes nothing better at the end of a long day than to snuggle very close on the sofa. Barney is great with other dogs and people, but can get a little excitable when meeting new people for the first time so maybe not great for families with smaller toddlers.


Charlie is a friendly boy and full of energy.  Charlie is extremely affectionate and never leaves your side, he loves company and exploring new places.  As with the Labrador breed, Barney takes any chance to be in water!  Charlie can be nervous of other dogs when meeting them on the lead for the first time, but he’s a very gentle boy and would never hurt anyone or any other dog, he just gets so excited everytime he meets someone new, and underestimates his own strength and is very bouncy, so not great for families with toddlers.

Barney and Charlie have always lived together as brothers and are very good at keeping each other entertained, they sleep most nights wrapped together.


Barney and Charlie are in the Chilwell, Nottingham area.

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