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All about Baxter: Baxter is a male Labrador cross Beagle of 9months.

Baxter is a young puppy and is therefore bouncy and energetic but a loveable dog who adores cuddles.


Baxter loves long walks in the park and will not venture very far and has generally good recall.  Baxter enjoys swimming and fetching balls and sticks.


Baxter is good with other dogs he meets and will sniff, have a little play and walk on when summoned. Baxter plays socially with other dogs though can, on occasion (usually in a confined space such as a garden), have no let up.


Baxter pulls on the lead whilst walking and if stood still waiting will chew on his lead. Baxter is house trained however will urinate when very excited.

Baxter suffers from separation anxiety and currently takes Amitriptyline twice daily. When left, Baxter instantly barks, howls and whines and will scratch/chew at the door and salivates excessively until someone comes home.  Baxter is therefore looking for a new home when he is not left for long periods.

At night Baxter sleeps happily in his crate, and will often take himself away in the evening and does not make a sound until he is let out in the morning.

Baxter loves and is extremely patient with his family's two year old son. However, due to his bouncy nature, he can be a bit much for friend’s and family’s children who are not used to dogs.


Baxter loves to play but can be very mouthy and jumpy when he gets excited or wants attention. Baxter is used to travelling long distances in the car and travels very well in his crate and is good when visiting new places as long as someone is with him.

Baxter is currently being assessed.

Baxter is in the Chingford, Essex area.

Ad updated: 13.10.19

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