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All about Bear: Bear is a male German Shepherd cross of approx 9years, although it is felt that Bear could be younger of around 5 or 6years.

As can be seen, Bear is a sweet, loving and happy boy, although his background is a sad one, having been captured on the streets in Romania by dog catchers and placed into a public shelter where he was bullied and neglected.  However, after all he has been through, he is affectionate and loves cuddles and adores his humans.

Bear has been in foster for some months and is doing very well, he is house trained and walks well on the lead and non reactive to cats, farm animals and other dogs on walks. 


Bear likes to be active but is also happy enjoying a cuddle on the sofa. Bear loves to play ball, chase and is an intelligent boy.  


Due to his background, Bear can be nervous of new people and may bark and growl initially, but with time and patience his confidence will grow.  Bear is protective of his home and barks at strangers at the door but soon stops when he realises that they are of not threat.

Bear is not destructive or naughty when left and currently lives with an older female dog who he gets on well with and could be rehomed as an only dog or with another.

Bear is in the Llanelli area.

Ad updated: 27.07.19.

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