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Becks & Misty

All about Becks & Misty: Becks & Misty are female (mother and daughter) Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 10 and 6years respectfully.

Becks & ​Misty can have little arguments especially over food, so they are looking for a new home either together or separately.  It is felt that once Becks & Misty are walked and socialised properly, their behaviour towards one another will improve.

Becks & Misty are looking for a new home where they will not be left for long periods as they can get stressed.

Becks & Misty are good with children but Misty can be a bit bouncy and so she is looking for a home where the children are 10plus years.  Becks is absolutely fine around children.

Becks & Misty are in the WALLASEY, Wirral area.

Ad updated: 11.03.20.

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